vacuum PVD multi ARC ion plating jewelry coating machine

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vacuum PVD multi ARC ion plating jewelry coating machine
Posting date : Jul 17, 2020
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Multi-Arc Ion Plating CY-MIOP400S-2TA

This equipment is multi arc ion coating equipment. Multi arc ion plating uses gas discharge or partial dissociation of evaporated materials to deposit evaporated or reactive materials on the substrate at the same time of bombardment by gas ions or particles of evaporated materials. The equipment is equipped with two multi arc targets, which are arranged on both sides of the cavity. With the planetary sample table, the coating efficiency can be effectively improved and the effect can be improved



  1. The coating instrument also adopts the integrated design, the cavity and the electric control part are left and right separated, realizing the separation of water and electricity, and effectively ensuring the safety of users.
  2. The combination of glow discharge, plasma technology and vacuum evaporation can not only improve the film quality, but also expand the application of the film.
  3. It has the advantages of fast evaporation rate, strong adhesion, good diffraction and wide film material. It is very suitable for hard protective coating such as TiN. 
  4. At the same time, the color of the film can be changed by controlling the atmosphere, and the film is firmly combined with the substrate, so it can also be used to make decorative films of various colors.


Technical parameter

multi-arc ion plating
sample stage
Planetary sample table, OD 305mm, six stations around
The workpiece can be hung on the support bar of each station
Peripheral speed 1 ~ 20rpm adjustable
Multi-arc ion target
φ84mm X 2
Vacuum chamber
Size:φ300mm *400mm 
watch window:φ100mm 
anti-dazzling screen
Material:304stainless steel
opening mode:front opening door
Film thickness control
Crystal mode, optional multi-channel
Vacuum system
Front pump:Bipolar rotary vane pump
Extraction interface:KF16
Secondary pump:turbo molecular pump
Extraction interface:CF160
Vacuum gauge:Resistance and ionization compound vacuum gauge
Exhaust rate:mechanical pump:1.1L/s;molecular pump: 600L/s
ultimate vacuum:1.0E-5Pa
Voltage:AC 220V 50/60Hz
Pumping rate:rotary vane pump:1.1L/S
Control system
 automatic control
Operation interface: touch screen + operation panel
Dimensions:1000mm* 800mm * 1500mm
Total power:5kW

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