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Enhanced Water Swelling Strip
Jan 07 2015
Enhanced Water Swelling Strip ,a kind of water swelling strip section square and made by Inorganic Material, rubber and High viscosity resin etc, It paste concrete joints by itself viscosity.…
HS-CODE : 4007-00
Hengshui Zhongxin Engine...
China [CN]
Scince 2007
Free Member
Jul 11 2017
Plastic cordlocks, plastic paracord spring cord locks single/double hole cord lock draw string toggle stopper sliding cord fastener locks end, are made of high quality POM which can pass ROHS and REAC…
HS-CODE : 4007-
JAD Plastic&Hardware Acc...
China [CN]
Scince 1998
Free Member
Steel Backed Natural Wear Rubber Lined Screen
Jul 03 2017
Steel Backed Natural Wear Rubber Lined ScreenDescription1.Rubber screen panels provide excellent resistance to impact and abrasion in scalping applications and coarse dry screening. Rubber screen pane…
HS-CODE : 4007-00
JinRuiDa Industry Soluti...
China [CN]
Scince 2010
Free Member
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