Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine

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Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine
Posting date : Jun 25, 2020
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decan s2
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Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine

  • High Speed:92,000 CPH(HS10 head)
  • PCB Size : L510xW460mm
  • Feeder position:120ea
  • Weight: 1,800kg
  • Product description: Samsung Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine, High Speed:92,000 CPH(HS10 head), PCB Size : L510xW460mm, Feeder position:120ea, Weight: 1,800kg

Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine



Hanwha Pick and place machine DECAN S2, Samsung Pick and place machine DECAN S2, Hanwha chip mounter DECAN S2, Hanwha (Samsung chip mounter) chip mounter DECAN S2 has better area capacity than competitors' similar equipment, * optimized High-speed placement of small components; The DECAN S2 high-speed chip placement machine is equipped with 10 shafts per head and is suitable for dual cantilever, magnetically levitated high-performance placement machines, which can achieve the highest speed in the world's same-class products. 92,000CPH. Welcome to "Hanwha  decan s2, original Samsung high speed placement machine, Hanwha magnetic suspension pick and place machine"

Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine1 Enhance the convenience of device software management2 Built-in * optimized software in the device, which can realize simple program creation / editing3 Provides various job information through a large LCD screen4 Highly convenient high-precision electric feeder5 Calibration Free & Maintenance Free Electric Feeder6 Improved ease of operation with the Single Feeder of Reel Bank's integrated structure7 Through the automatic arrangement of the component pick-up position between the feeders, the actual production capacity can be improved8 SMART FEEDER with automatic material receiving9 The industry's first automatic feeding and automatic receiving functionManual feed preparation and receiving operation changed to automatic method, which greatly shortened the operation timeRealize zero consumption of consumables for receiving materialsHanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place Machine1 Speed: 92000CPH2 Accuracy: CHIP 28um (03015), IC 25um3 Mountable components (mm): Chip 03015 ~ 5 axis: 12-h10 10 axis: 6-h10Number of 4 shafts: 10 x 2 Head5 Fly Camera FOV: 20.5mm6 PCB size: 50 x 40 ~ 510 x 460mmMax. 740 x 460 mm (1,200 x 460 mm)7 material station: 120ea8 Equipment weight: 1,800kg9 Device size (mm): 1,430 (L) x 1,740 (D) x 1,485 (H)10 Power: 3 phase AC 200/208/220/240/380 / 415V ± 10%;50 / 60Hz; Max. 5.0 Kva

Hanwha DECAN S2 Pick and Place MachineAdvanced Chip shooter1 Speed : 92,000 CPH (Optimum)2 Structure : 2 Gantry x 10 Spindles/Head3 Accuracy : ±28μm Cpk≥1.0 (03015 Chip)±25μm Cpk≥1.0 (IC)4 Parts Size : 03015~□55mm (H15mm)5 PCB Size : L510xW460mm (Standard)L1,200xW460mm (Option)6 Wide Part Handling Capability7 Various PCB Transfer Systems8 Verified Production History Management Solution



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