Top mounted magnetic float liquidometer

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Top mounted magnetic float liquidometer
Posting date : Nov 07, 2018
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Top mounted magnetic float liquidometer
Product name: high temperature and high pressure type magnetic flap  level gauge
Product code: 15644-178
Update time: 2015.08.25
Views: 501
Processing custom origin: in kaifeng
Accuracy: + / - 10 mm
Measuring range: 0.3-6 m (standard), up to 15 meters
Temperature range: 0-485 ℃
Pressure range: vacuum - 42 mpa
The process connection: flange/spool/thread
Protection grade: Ip68
Display type: vacuum glass tube packaging, magnetic shows
We specialize in producing stainless steel magnetic float liquidometer, steel strip float level gauge, double cavity magnetic flap liquid level gauge and top mounted magnetic float level gauge, glass tube liquid level gauge.
Top mounted magnetic float liquidometer can widen the use of the magnetic flap level gauge, the more widely to meet the requirements of the electric power, heat supply, gas supply and other industries, adopt unique cooling way, effectively control the working temperature of the medium instrument, to avoid the magnetic components under the condition of high temperature demagnetization, ensure reliable work, measurable high temperature 450 ℃, high-pressure 25 mpa.
Top mounted magnetic float liquidometer is suitable for high temperature and high pressure liquid container turning, the position of the measurement and control. Clearly indicates that the height of liquid level, direct display striking, indicator and completely isolated storage tank, the use of safe, reasonable design, simple structure, convenient installation and reliable, stable performance, long service life, low maintenance cost, easy installation and maintenance, etc.
Users can according to the requirements of the project, cooperate with remote transmitter use, can be realized on the digital display, as well as the standard of 4 ~ 20 ma output far eastone electrical signals, to match the recording instrument, or the needs of the industrial process control. Can also be used with magnetic control switch or close to switch, etc, the liquid level monitoring alarm and control into the liquid.
Precision manufacturing, strong and durable
The special structure and material design
High resolution level indicator
Flexible installation method and the process connection
Can form a complete set of switch and transmitter
Typical application:
The application of high temperature and high pressure
/ cryogenic application in low temperature
Special material using
One-piece application
Technical specifications:
Accuracy: + / - 10 mm
Measuring range: 0.3 ~ 6 meters (standard), up to 15 meters
Temperature range: 0 ~ 485  C
Pressure range: vacuum ~ 42 mpa;
Density range: liquid level density is 0.3 S.G, interface density difference of 0.05 s.g.
LSS cavity material: 304/304, 316/316 LSS, etc
Float material: 316/316 LSS, titanium, titanium alloy, etc
The process connection: flange/spool/thread
Display type: vacuum glass tube packaging, magnetic shows
Indicator scale: stainless steel ruler, etching liquid level height, a variety of optional engineering units
Protection grade: IP68 download product information
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