Apricot Molasses (Marmalade in Turkish Way)

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Apricot Molasses (Marmalade in Turkish Way)
Posting date : Jul 09, 2014
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Istanbul Turkey
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640 gr
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Turkey [TR]
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Aksu Vital
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640 gr
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VARIETIES OF MOLASSES Grape, carob, mulberry, apricot, palm, and juniper molasses
Molasses consumption is very common in Anatolia TURKIYE, and it is among the essentials of a traditional breakfast table.
Finest quality of carob, mulberry, grape, and apricot fruits that grow in Anatolia's rich flora are meticulously picked up. The fruits are boiled in accordance with natural methods. In our facilities, they are filled in glass jars, which are the symbol of health, untouched by human hands.
With its high mineral and vitamin content, molasses is a delicious and ideal nutritional source for all age groups. With its high glucose content, molasses primarily helps to meet the daily energy needs of our brains which feed on glucose.
Calcium and iron content of molasses is rather high. Calcium is a mineral that is effective in bone development. Iron deficiency causes anemia disease which is known as deficiency of blood. Molasses consumption during the colder months because of its blood producing property makes a significant contribution to increasing the body resistance and boosting the immune system. Due to that contribution, parents exert a serious effort to give their children the habit of consumption of molasses.
Varieties of molasses: Grape, carob, mulberry, apricot, palm, and juniper molasses.
Package : 640 gr mason jar

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