Mesh Belt Dryer

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Mesh Belt Dryer
Posting date : Aug 11, 2014
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Mesh belt dryer introduction: Mesh belt dryer is the drying equipment that transmits the material mesh belt conveyor to dry the material continuously, and mesh belt conveyor is most suitable for line production. As the conveyor is mesh-shaped, it is fit for drying the various minerals of regular or irregular shape, such as coal sheet, various mineral powder form block, food and vegetable). This mesh belt dryer machine can be used with other equipment or work by itself. Mesh belt conveyor is the drying equipment of batch, and continuous production. The main heating method is electric heating, steam heating, hot wind heating, and conduction oil heating. Mesh belt dryer working principle: Place the material uniformly on the mesh belt. The mesh belt adopts 12-60 mesh steel net belt and is dragged by transmission device and shuttlecock in the dryer. The hot wind flows among the material, the steam is discharged from the hydrofuge hole and the material is dried. The length of the box is made by the standard section. To save field, the dryer can be made several layers with 6-40m length, and 0.6-3.0m wide. Mesh belt dryer application: Mesh belt dryer equipment can be used in metallurgy, building material, ceramic, chemical fertilizer, chemical engineering, and timber industries. Mesh belt conveyor is the ideal equipment in drying process of food and vegetable. Mesh belt dryer is continuous drying equipment and is ideal for platy, strip, and particle materials dehydration in CM pieces, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic product, feed, and industrial chemicals industries. The mesh belt dryer takes hot air as drying medium and the wet materials contact with each other frequently which makes the moisture in wet material spread with heat energy, then gasify, evaporate and eliminate. So the material is dried.
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