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anti-UV fabric wholesale
Posting date : Jul 30, 2014
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Anti-UV fabric ultraviolet rays in solar spectra not only make fabric fade and tender ,but also make our human skin get sunburnt and ageing, produce melanin and black spot ,induce canceration ,severely impair human health . The anti-UV fabric produced by our factory have material which can absorb ultraviolet rays , safe to human body, non-toxic ,no stimulation and no anaphylaxis, it doesn’t effect the color /brute / Wet gas absorption of original fabric. It has been tested by many foreign authority ,such as Australia, our UV-proof fabric can screen ultraviolet radiation effectively, it can easily absorb 180~400mm weave band ultraviolet ,especially Uv-A and Uv-B , it’s Ultraviolet Block coefficient UPF>50 ,after 50 times washing, still UPF>40. It has good UV screening factor, can protect human body from hurt by UV. This product is safe and environmental friendly and washing endurance, widely used at workwear .
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