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DTH Bits
Posting date : Mar 08, 2015
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high pressure dth bit DTH bit is our company main product.After mang years search,we have rich experience in development and manufacture which adopted high-quality raw materials, advanced craft technology and passed through strictly inspection, manufacturing high quality products. If you interested in our product pleasecontact freely. EST DTH bit technical parameters No. Descripation Model Match hammer Front buttons Gauge buttons Bit face design Weight (kg) 1 Tapered chisel bit ESTQ20 - - - - 0.09 2 Low pneumatic DTH drill bit ESTQ90 ESTC80Z 2-1217ZL 6-1420ZL Convex face 3.8 2-1319ZL 3 ESTQ100 3-1217ZL 6-1420ZL Convex face 4.2 2-1420ZL 4 ESTQ110-A 4-1217ZL 6-1420ZL Convex face 4.7 3-1319ZL 5 ESTQ110 ESTC100Z 6-1319QL 7-1422QL Convex face 5.8 6 High pneumatic DTH drill bit ESTQ115G-A ESTC100G ESTC100G-A DHD340 COP44 6-1319Q 8-1422Q Flat face 8.2 7 ESTQ115G-AZ 6-1319Z 8-1422Q Flat face 8.2 8 ESTQ115G-B 6-1319Z 8-1422Q Convex face 8.1 9 ESTQ115G-C 6-1319Q 7-1624Q Flat face 8.2 10 ESTQ115G-CZ 6-1319Z 7-1624Q Flat face 8.2 11 ESTQ115G-D 6-1420Z 7-1624Q Convex face 8.1 12 ESTQ115G-E ZRC100G-A 6-1319Q 8-1422Q Flat face 8.2 13 ZRQ115G-EZ 6-1319Z 8-1422Q Flat face 8.2 14ESTQ140G-A ZRC130G ZRC130G-A DHD350 COP54 7-1422Q 7-1826Q Flat face 16.4 15 ESTQ140G-AZ 7-1420Z 7-1826Q Flat face 16.4 16 ESTQ140G-B 7-1420Z 7-1826Q Convex face 16.2 Outer dia.of casing tube Inner dia.of casing tube Outer dia. of ring bit Inner dia. of ring bit Outer dia. of pilot bit Match hammer Weight (kg) 183mm 163mm 188mm 140mm 160mm ZRC130G 60.3
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