heating elements, heating chamber, hearth, heating tube

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heating elements, heating chamber, hearth, heating tube
Posting date : Apr 09, 2015
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Carbon-Graphite Products for Application of Processing by Industrial Furnace Under High Temperature Products: various kinds of heating elements, heating chamber, hearth, heating tube, bracket, joint board, graphite adjusting plate, joint part, graphite tie-in of conducting rod, graphite heater, graphite insulated chamber, graphite tray, graphite box for sintering, graphite plate,heater tube, bridge frame, connection parts, electrode joint, insulation barrel and heat shield for heating system etc. We are able to design and fabricate the special U-shaped, W-shaped and screw-shaped heating tube or heating equipment. Serving complex design,Installation,technique for special high temperature furnace and industrial furnace include vacuum furnace, pressure furnace, carbide furnace and intermediate frequency furnace. We also reconstruct the heating systems of various imported high temperature furnace like PVA, LD furnace. Customized products are also available. Speciality of Raw Material: high density, high temperature resistance, good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance, good performance of electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength. Mainly used in various thermal treating element and heating like vacuum furnace production. It also has the ability of heat conduction or heat insulation. The special graphite heating components which are used in the high temperature furnace with temperature reached 2200 degree at vacuum environment and 3000 degree in the deoxidize and insert gas environment. It has uniformity of heating structure, good electrical conductivity and high electrical load, corrosion resistance, inoxidizability, high chemical purity and mechanical strength. The advantage is energy efficient, high value, low maintenance.
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