Sodium Humate

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Sodium Humate
Posting date : Jul 28, 2014
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Properties: Lustrous black granule or powder nonpoisonous,tasteless,odorless and easily soluble in water.It has a wide use in industry and Agriculture.It can adjust the growth of plants,promote the growth of roots,help to absorb the nutrient elements,strength the plants photosynthesis and also improve soil structure and properties.It can be widely used as feed additive in animal husbandry,adjusting animals' digestive system, preventing disease.It can be also used as using widely in boiling water purify,Mud adjuster in oil drilling, procelain dryer,waste water treatment etc. Quality Standard: sodium humate(water soluble) 85%min. 90%min 95%min. humic acid (dry basis) 55%min. 60%min. 65%min. moisture:15%max. 15%max. 15%max. PH value: 8-11 8-11 8-11 Particle size:according to customers' requirement Main application and effect As additive for animal feed To add Ha-Na in feed for pig, cow, sheep,livestock,it can promote the metabolism process,speed up growth development,modify the quality of meat,increase yield of meat(or eggs, milk),it can make fur of livestock shine,reduce bad smell of excrement and urine.Moreover,it can prevent and control many kinds of diseases,enhance the ability to resist diseases.It Also has obious effect for fish,prawn,and silkworm etc. As additives for porcelain mud To add Ha-Na in procelain mud,graphite tool material,porcelain enamel materials,it can increase strength of blank base,reduce damage of half-finished products,enhance plasticity.As a result,it easier to shape and reduce enamel drop off.That is to say that the output and quality of products is improved.In the fields,such as thin embryo crafts,electrical porcelain, toilet porcelain,building procelain,top grade and technical porcelain,it is highly effective. As dirt-resistant agent and water stabilizer In steam locomotive and industry,civil low-pressure boiler,if we add Ha-Na-Na2CO3 dirt-resistant agent,the speed for producing dirt will be lower than normal water treatment 50%.It'll save the consumption of coal by20% and 20% of the expenses of water treatment.As treatment agent for petroleum and natural gas, if we add Ha-Na to artesian well liquid,it can effectively reduce mud filtration loss and keep artesian well liquid faithful stable. DOSAGE: Recommended add 1-2 kg per metric ton of feed. For driking water add 13 grams to 4 gallons water.
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