Single tooth-roller crusher advantages:

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Single tooth-roller crusher advantages:
Posting date : May 22, 2020
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Single tooth-roller crusher advantages:

1. The toothed roller shaft, crown and jaw of the single-tooth roller crusher all adopt the internal channel water cooling system, and the cooling effect is excellent (after 10 minutes of shutdown, the crown temperature is only 60 degrees Celsius).2. The single-tooth roller crusher reducer adopts a fully enclosed gear box structure, which has low running noise and ensures no oil leakage.3. The single-tooth roller crusher adopts fully enclosed rolling bearings, which is easy to maintain and reduces maintenance costs.4. The single-tooth roller crusher is arranged by spiral toothed rollers to extend the life of the crusher by 1-2 times.5. The tooth plate of the single-tooth roller crusher is fixed on the hub by screws, which is easy to replace, saving time and effort.6. The single-tooth roller crusher adopts the alloy steel tooth plate and the surface is covered with the wear-resisting wear layer to ensure a long life of 4000 hours.7. The safety roller bushing is set at the driving end of the tooth roller of the single-tooth roller crusher, and the crusher is overloaded and immediately implements the shutdown protection.


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