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Posting date : May 22, 2020
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Cement mortar spraying machine The cement mortar spraying machine Automatic wet mortar sprayer
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Introduction of Automatic Mortar Spray Machine: Automatic Mortar Spray Machines are mainly used for building interior and exterior walls, cement mortar spraying and external wall insulation mortar spraying, refractory spraying. The Automatic Mortar Spray Machine produced by our company basically has no floor ash, water saving and material saving, which can greatly reduce the cost, and is simple to operate. It does not require scaffolding, no mobile equipment, and no need for repairs. The yin and yang angles and roof panels can all be sprayed freely. Fast, efficient, and low labor intensity, a spraying machine can easily spray 150 square meters per hour. The main disadvantages of the artificial wall and the previously-produced powder wall machine are the low adhesion of the mortar and the wall and the low density of the mortar. The flow rate of the spraying equipment introduced by our company is large and the pressure is high. These defects are overcome and the density of the mortar far exceeds that of the country. The prescribed standards avoid the problems caused by problems such as quality, duration, and wages. Multi-purpose machine can be used to spray mortar, waterproof coating, refractory materials, regardless of the regional and environmental conditions and the shape of the spray surface. Using the German advanced manufacturing techniques and high-end main components makes for high quality and long life of the product ·Powerful control system-Coating thickness can be adjusted from 0.2cm-5cm(0.079in-2in) .It creates a nice even coating. The next produce is to trowel the surface with a 50-70cm(1.64-2.3ft). Plasterer’s trowel without worrying about unevenness and wall hollows ·The automatic Mortar Spray Machine was equipped with automatically periodical spraying system. For instance, after spraying for 30 seconds, it could restart to spray in 2 minutes,which allows you to adjust it manually if needed.So machine or nozzle will not be clogged and you would have a smooth surface finishing without delay. · With safety control system, it will stop completely if any malfunction happens.That ensures the your safety, protects the sprayer itself and alert you to repair it in time to save your precious time Solid cast or stainless steel hopper for lifetime usage Powder coated handles with carbide grit for optimal grip Jets of solid brass are removable and easily cleanable Made to use with your 7cfm @ 90 psi or larger compressor Faster and easier than hand troweling! Costs much less than a stucco pump! Comes with two sizes of jets to match your compressor size! url:

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