10hp 7.5kw China vfd manufacturer vector control 3 phase ac drive frequency inverter

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Posting date : Oct 19, 2018
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10hp 7.5kw China vfd manufacturer vector control 3 phase ac drive frequency inverter 

MH200 Technical

MH200 series: frequency converter is V/F control with cost effective for flat load control. By adjusting the working frequency to control the speed of ac asynchronous motor.

MH200 Technical Specifications
Project Specification
Basic Function
Max Frequency  V/F control 0-3200Hz
Carrier Frequency 0.5Khz-16Khz(the carrier frequency can be adjusted automatically according to the load characteristic
Input frequency Resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz; analog setting: MAX frequency x0.025%
Control Way V/F control
Starting Torque 0.5Hz/150%(SVC); 0Hz/180%(FVC)
Speed Range 1:100(SVC); 1:1000(FVC)
Steady Speed Precision ±0.5%(SVC); ±0.02%(FVC)
Torque Control Precision ±5%(FVC)
Overload Capacity 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 3s.
Torque Increase Automatic torque enhancement; Manual torque improvement 0.1%-30.0%
V/F Curve three way: linear; multipoint; N-power V/F curve(1.2-power, 1.4-power, 1.6-power, 1.8-power, 2.0-power)
V/F Separate 2 way: full separation, semi-detached
Acceleration Deceleration Curve Linear or S-curve plus deteleration. Four acceleration and the range decelertion times 0.0-6500.0s
DC Brake

DC brake frequency: 0.00Hz-50.00Hz

Brake time: 0.0s-36.0s

Braking action current value: 0.0%-100.0%

Inching Control

Inching frequency range: 0.00Hz-50.00Hz

Inching deceleration time: 0.0s-6500.0s

Simple PLC, Multistage Through built-in PLC or control terminal to realize Max 16 speed running
Built-in PID To realize the process control closed-loop control system
Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR) When the grid voltage changes, to keep output constant voltage
Overpressure Loss Rate Control Automatic limit of current voltage during operation to prevent overcurrent overvoltage to stop
Fast Current Limiting Funcation  Maximum reduce overcurrent failure to protect the frequency converter normal run
Torque Limitation and Control Feature of evcavator, automatic limiation of torque during operation to prevent frequency overcurrent to stop; Closed-loop vector mode can realize torque control.
Personalized Function
Outstanding Performance With high performance current vector control technical to realize and control asynchronous and synchronous motor.
Instanteous Stop Constantly  In the instantaneous power fail, through load to feedback energy to make up the voltage reduce, to maintance frequency converter to keep running in a short time.
Rapid Current Limiting To avoid frequency converter frequent appear overcurrent fault.
Virtual I/O Five groups of virtual DIDO to realize simple logic control.
Timing Control Timing control function: setting range time 0.0Min-6500.0Min
Multimotor Switching Four group motor parameters, can realize four motor to switch control.
Motor Overheat Protection Select IO expansion card 1, analog input AI3 can accept motor temperature sensor input(PI100, PI1000)
Input Terminal


5 digital input terminals

one of them support Max 100Khz high speed pluse input, 2 pcs analog input terminal, 1 only support 0-10V voltage input, 1 support 0-10V voltage input or 4-20mA current input.


Extension Ability:

5 digital input terminal

1 analog input terminal, support -10V∼10V voltage input, and support PI100/PI1000.

Output Terminal


1 high speed pulse output terminal(can optional to be open collector type), support 0-100Khz square wave signal output.

1 digital output terminal

1 relay output terminal

1 analog output terminal , support 0-20mA current output or 0-10V voltage output.


Extension Ability:

1 digital outout terminal

1 relay output terminal

1 analog output terminal, support 0-20mA current output or 0-10V voltage output

Command Source Operation panel given, control terminal given, serial port given. It can switch by many ways
Frequency Source 10 frequency source: digital given, analog voltage given, analog current given, pulse given, serial port given. It can switch by many ways.
Auxiliary Frequency Source 10 kinds auxiliary frequency source. Fliexible to realize auxiliary frequency fine turning, fequency synthesis
Display and Keyboard
LED display Display parameters
LCD display Optional part, chinese or english operation content
Keyboard locking and function selection Realize part of key or all to lock, or define the scope part of key, to prevent the wrong operation.
Protection Function  Power on motor short circcuit detection, input output loss phase protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, overheat protection, overload protection, etc.,
Using Place Indoor, not exposed to direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, fog, water, vapor, water or salt.
Altitude lower 1000m
Environment Temperature -10℃∼-40℃(environment temperature in 40℃∼50℃, please derating use.
Humidity <95% RH, no water condense
Vibration <5.9m/s²(0.6g)
Store Humidity -20℃∼+60℃


Rich Extensibility& Terminals: There are different extended cards for I/O point, CAN, Profibus and simple PLC



Product Components and independent air fule: strong anti-interference power mainboard in fineon IGBT module with strong overload capability; Indepent air fule prevents dustry entering and decease temperature rise.

frequency inverter 

MH200 Feature

Built-in Simple PLC Function: to realize cycle operation at Max 16-segment constant time and speed.




Pendulum Frequency Function &Vitual I/O:  pendulum frequency function can improve coiling's densityin textile and chemical fier manufacturing industry; Through easy setting, inner logicl control function can be customized.



 Timing Control &Instant Stop non-Stop Function: running time can set by parameters and analog; When instantly powers off or accidnetly voltage drops, frequency converter will low output speed and feedback power through load to guarantee itself run in short time.



 Multi-motors swtich function: it can save four pcs motor parameters, one frequency converter can be divided time to control 4pcs motor.

Caution of Usage

♥ The avaliable voltage specifications are: 3 phase 380vac input output, 3phase 220vac input output, 1phase 220vac input 3phase 220vac output.

♥ Frequency converter can not be used as voltage inverter or converter. But its input voltage can be DC(±15% DC540V for 3phase 380V devices, ±15% DC310V for 3phase 220vac devices).


MH200 All mode
Model Mounting Hole(mm) Overall Diemnsions (mm)

Mounting Hole Diamete




Power Capacitor


Input Current


Output Current


Match Motor
A B H H1 W D              
Single Phase AC220V, 50/60Hz
MH200G2S0.4GS 94 150 161 / 105 35 φ4.0 1.1 1.0 5.4 2.3 0.4 0.5
MH200G2S0.75GS 1.5 8.2 4.0 0.75 1
MH200G2S1.5GS 3.0 14.0 7.0 1.5 2
MH200G2S2.2GS 4.0 23.0 9.6 2.2 3
Three Phase AC380V, 50/60Hz
MH200G4T0.75GS 94 150 161 / 105 35 φ4.0 1.1 1.5 3.4 2.1 0.75 1
MH200G4T1.5GS 3.0 5.0 3.8 1.5 2
MH2004T2.2GS 4.0 5.8 5.1 2.2 3
MH200G4T4GS 148 236 248 / 160 183 φ5.0 2.5 5.9 10.5 9.0 4.0 5
MH200G4T5.5GS 8.9 14.0 13.0 5.5 7.5
MH200G4T7.5GS 11.0 20.5 17.0 7.5 10
MH200G4T11GS 190 305 322 / 208 192 φ6.0 6.5 17.0 26.0 25.0 11 15
MH200G4T15GS 21.0 35.0 32.0 15 20
MH200G4T18.5GS 24.0 38.5 37.0 18.5 25
MH200G4T22GS 30.0 46.5 45.0 22 30
MH200G4T30GS 274 465 / 480 315 234 φ6.0 24 40.0 62.0 60.0 30 40
MH200G4T37GS 57.0 76.0 75.5 37 50
MH200G4T45GS 69.0 92.0 91.0 45 60
MH200G4T55GS 320 530 / 555 360 265 φ8.0 41.5 85.0 113.0 112.0 55 70
MH200G4T75GS 114.0 157.0 150.0 75 100
MH200G4T90GS 370 600 / 630 410 300 φ10.0 56.5 134.0 180.0 176.0 90 125
MH200G4T110GS 160.0 214.0 210.0 110 150
MH200G4T132GS 360 740 / 765 516 326 φ10.0 87 192.0 256.0 253.0 132 175
MH200G4T160GS 231.0 307.0 304.0 160 210
MH200G4T180GS 390 882 / 910 560 342 φ10.0 90 250.0 385.0 377.0 200 260
MH200G4T220GS 470 1310 / 1340 535 380 φ10.0 185 280.0 430.0 426.0 220 300
MH200G4T250GS 355.0 468.0 465.0 250 350
MH200G4T280GS 396.0 525.0 520.0 280 370
MH200G4T315GS 545 1563 / 1593 600 380 φ10.0 233 445.0 590.0 585.0 315 500
MH200G4T355GS 500.0 665.0 650.0 355 420
MH200G4T400GS 565.0 785.0 725.0 400 530
MH200G4T450GS 630.0 883.0 820.0 450 600
Why Choose Us?


1. More than 15 Years' Experiece in PLC: MOCHUAN,  as an integrated industrial automation products supplies, owns mature business business chain: R&D team, qualified production equipments,  long-term international logistics cooperators, experienced pre-sale&after-sale engineer team to solve any problem in operating switch sensor, PLC, HMI, VFD and PMSM ac motor. 


2. Experienced Engineering Team: besides trade company, Mochuan also is an engineering company. Every our engineer is with experienced practices in electric scheme, electric programming. 


3. Realizable Quality: Every product is finished by the strict quality test system and checked by the professional engineer before delivery to ensure customers' benefit. 


4. First-class Pre and After Service: professional pre-sale service to confirm each technical request and fully guarantee right product model to save time and money for you. 



CE certification 

Factory Visit

visit photo.jpg

With four-year developing with each customer's great and kind cooperation each time, Mochuan Drives's foreign business and market has been blooming and thriving, epecially in India, Russia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Austrilia, etc.,


Q1. What information should be provided to get a clear model with quotaion?

Please directly provide input output voltage, power, applied machine, specific requested function in inquiry. 


Q2. They have EMC filter in the standard version? In option?

EMC filter is option (under 7.5kw, EMC is bulit-in; >7.5kw, EMC filter is external).


Q3. They have input DC or AC REACTOR? In option?

Both of input and output reactor is external and option. And there is a bulit-in DC reactor within VFD, but this reactor is to protection internal electric components; 


Q4. They have a PID control? Multiple PID control references?

Yes, there is one road PID control with two parameter groups, this means two different parameter setting can be configured and switched to each other. Multiple PID is multi road PID control, or multi PID control groups? 


Q5. What is the maximum wiring distance between the output and the motor in the standard version?

There are three options for different sites: - ≤20m, VFD and motor can be directly connected; -20m 100m, VFD and motor can be dirctly connected, except adjust carrier frequency, still need to add output AC reactor;


Q6. What is the minimum value of the power factor?

The Maximum power factor is 0.95  (the better, the bigger power factor ). But the final power factor is depens on load type and motor's power factor. If motor's power is too little, VFD still can not make better power.

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