Stockholm Wooden hanger trouser coat hangers

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Stockholm Wooden hanger trouser coat hangers
Posting date : Oct 25, 2017
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wooden pant hangers Produced by China vesiwood,
in the price, quality assurance, after-sales service, and so are very advantages, is an excellent supplier of All kinds of hanger products
Stockholms wooden pant hangers
wooden pant hangers mainly make by Dutch wood、 maple wood 、pine wood,
Dutch wood hanger
Material and use: air dry density 0.71-0.80g / cm3,
Hard material, was light gray, texture straight, wood durable, decay, wear. Applicable to the production of various flooring, wooden hanger, senior furniture, interior decoration, carving, etc., is one of the high quality materials of furniture
maple wood hanger
Wood close, uniform texture, good polish, occasional light gray gray mineral lines, easy to paint.
Woody: moderate strength, the quality of fine wood, is the production of high-grade hanger wood
pine wood hanger
Appearance and cost-effective
Natural color, natural qualities, texture clear and beautiful
Modeling simple and generous, smooth lines
Flexible and breathable, good thermal conductivity and easy maintenance
metal hanger mainly make by Aluminum alloy, stainless steel or carbon steel plating
metal hanger Advantages:
1, strong, durable
2, can withstand the heavier clothing without deformation
3, metal texture gives the feeling of noble fashion
【 Stockholms wooden pant hangers,15 years experience sales service for you】
Vesiwood Company is a production, research and development, sales, with wooden hanger, , metal hanger, broom pole, mop etc household articles as one of the industry and trade enterprises,have standardized production line,。
Purely compare the price to wooden hanger,Basically can not reflect our value,vesiwood do not provide cut corners, shoddy products,And then our experienced sales can provide you with any help and advice on hanger products,Hope to solve your order, and the problem between your customers
【Stockholms wooden pant hangers,Stockholms wooden pant hangers ,High-end atmosphere,Free custom wooden hanger pants,Strong enough to hang large heavy clothes】
Wooden hanger production process
Production of wooden hanger process is complex:
first Dry the wood,Natural dry for the best(But the climate is different,Procurement recommended the use of relatively stable wood,Such as beech, rubber wood, ash and so on,Otherwise there will be cracking and other phenomena。),And then customize the mold, open material, splicing the hanger、cut out shapes、Polished and polished、Paint several times、Waiting for the paint to dry,Final packaging
So many domestic and foreign friends and Hanger supplier, why trust vesiwood?
【vesiwood, company is small, but professional sales, concentrate on service 】
vesiwood services more than 30 regions and countries, Have a mature service system and service processes,
the customer consultation, the customer service certification requires an on-site inspection, We help customers save money and communication costs,
The company currently exports the country or the city: United States, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Phoenix, Arizona, Brazil, Södermanlands.etc
sincerely look forward to working with you happy cooperation.
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