candle and soap making supplies

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candle and soap making supplies
Posting date : Dec 21, 2016
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China Private label Candle Manufacturers, We CUSTOM ANY shape candles with multiple scented & Logo printing & label & packaging options,tumbler candles,tea light candles,pillar candles, candle factory votive Candles,white Candles,color candles,LED candles,Religious Candles,Birthday Candles,Christmas candles Factory. 
In ancient times, the use of electricity is not the case, the role of the lighting candle is particularly important.??However, in the rapid development of high technology today, people in daily life has generally no longer use candles, and candles are more given emotional, such as couples meet, birthday dinner, memorial to the dead, pray for the future, etc. And so on, especially in the anniversaries and festive days, people will lit candles. In addition, candles are often used as a physical or chemical experiment supplies.??Candle is a process in the combustion of a variety of colors of the candle flame, by the main combustion agent, coloring agent and other additives, hair color principle is based on certain metal ions or compounds in the heat, the molecules of electrons By high temperature effect, deviated from the original orbit, the formation of transition movement. Electrons in the transition movement to release the original storage of energy, and issued a variety of gloss, light color depends on the substance of the radiation spectrum.??Its notable features are:??1, the product has five combustion colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple.??2, non-toxic, smoke-free, tasteless, odor can be eliminated.??3, the combustion temperature of up to 85 ℃, after the flip is not easy to burn.??4, the flame is not dazzling soft, but also DIY production of color candle, free combination of flame color.??5, lamp heart burning does not produce CO, combustion gases on the environment pollution.??6, the product is natural organic matter, easy to dissolve, with soap and water is easy to clean.
?Candle manufacturers introduced "wax": 
private label candle manufacturers  
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