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soy candle making supplies
Posting date : Dec 19, 2016
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China Private label Candle Manufacturers, We CUSTOM ANY shape candles with multiple scented & Logo printing & label & packaging options, private label candle manufacturers   tumbler candles,tea light candles,pillar candles,votive Candles,white Candles,color candles,LED candles,Religious Candles,Birthday Candles,Christmas candles Factory  Operation and storage: After the wax finished products try to avoid hand touch, so as not to leave fingerprints and fingerprints on the product, even after complete cooling should also wear gloves (cloth gloves) storage, construction, storage, and operation, should be maintained Products are clean, clean, clean. After the completion of the wax products should be stored in a cool dry place, we build Italy manufacturers have temperature thermometer, so that at any time on the storage area and production sites for testing, in order to ensure product quality. After the wax product storage area temperature between 20 ℃ -30 ℃, the temperature can not be higher than 80%, as the conditions permit, the factory should adjust the production process, the day finished wax water products can best be completed in the same day dip coating or spraying Paint, so as not to store too long, so that the semi-finished products with dust or grease.Candle in accordance with the shape of the general can be divided into extruded cylindrical wax, sharp bamboo wax, torch wax, floating wax, round wax, flat wax, color, there are many. These candles in the use of some of the more particular about, such as cusp, suitable for eating when inserted in the middle of the candlestick placed in the dining table, especially in Western common, if the home decoration is European style, can also be placed in the living room as decorations . Bleaching wax is common in bars, pour water in a container vessel, the floating wax on the water, it is floating on the water, secretly candlelight do not have a mood. Bleaching wax in the young people's home use more, especially the couple, the candlelight dinner can not only use cusp wax, floating wax will also bring good results. perfumed candles manufacturers
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