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candle supply candles and supplies
Posting date : Dec 19, 2016
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China Private label Candle Manufacturers, We CUSTOM ANY shape candles with multiple scented & Logo printing & label & packaging options,tumbler candles, private label candle manufacturers  tea light candles,pillar candles,votive Candles,white Candles,color candles,LED candles,Religious Candles,Birthday Candles,Christmas candles Factory The burning candle was placed in the center of a 600-milliliter octagonal silicone rubber mold (42 mm on each side), and the two hair color candles were placed parallel to the sides of the wick, spaced 2-3 mm apart , Then, 65-75 degrees Celsius to liquefied urethane into the mold, after cooling octagonal candles, its conformal strength and the appearance of good goods, burning bright red flame issued.35 g of copper chloride as a color former, 1 g of a copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene in an amount of 20:80 as a binder, and 0.005 g of chloroplatinic acid as an oxidation accelerating catalyst were dispersed and dissolved in 64 G of trichlorethylene. The cotton yarn was dipped in the solution in the same manner as in Example 1, and immersed in a 5% nitrocellulose solution in ethyl acetate. Thus, a hair color wick with 0.2 g / m of coloring agent attached thereto was coated with a resin .Twenty-eight twisted yarns of No. 30 cotton yarns were twisted in a urethane melt at 50 ° C and passed through to make a wick. The hair color candle core and the burned candle core were inserted and fixed in parallel to the center of the cylindrical mold of 100 mm in length and 8 mm in diameter as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, and the main fuel (consisting of 95% urethane, 4 % Stearic acid, 1% vinyl acetate and methyl acrylate 30:70 molar ratio of the copolymer mixture) heated to 57 degrees Celsius, into the mold, at room temperature to make it ready to coagulation products.The same result can be obtained if methyl carbamate or symmetric trioxane is substituted for ethyl carbamate.The candle thus lit is lit, and a bright blue-green flame is emitted. Such candles from the 2.5 m height fell to the board is not damaged, shape retention and strength is very good. Wax: wax candle in the process of the original wax on the appearance of the wax layer of wax, so as to achieve the effect of wax and the role of as much as possible to detect the temperature, to prevent the wax wax water temperature, Substrate to shed a layer of wax. pillar candle manufacturers
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