Free-nail Glue(Super contact adhesive)

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Free-nail Glue(Super contact adhesive)
Posting date : Nov 19, 2016
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USD0.78 / PCS
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330ml / PCS, 24PCS per CTN
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David Xie
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China [CN]
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330ml / PCS, 24PCS per CTN
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Product description:The free-nail glue has a strong adhesion, can be the greatest alternative to nails, no surface drilling to fix and bond wood, doors and windows, gypsum board, medium density fiberboard, stone, ceramic tile, metal, plastic, rubber and other materials.
Product Features:
1, Super strong initial viscosity, high bonding strength;
2, Wide range of uses, the vast majority of substrates can be bonded, and even wet wood can be bonded;
3, Flexible, weathering, waterproof, non-brittle, will not affect the adhesion of buildings contraction movement;
4, Will not subsidence, can be sealed, dry paint;
5, Does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances;
6, Anti chemical corrosion, anti cold, high temperature.
1, Clean the construction surface to ensure that no oil and dirt;
2, Cut the nozzle, put on the plastic nozzle, with a sealed gun out;
A. Dry bonding method: (for light materials and light pressure to bear the junction) to the shape out of a few lines out nail glue, each line separated by 40 cm; with adhesive side of the pressure to the bonding , And then gently pull the plastic to be volatile to the minute, and then pressed on both sides can be.
B. Wet adhesive method: (for heavier materials)Apply glue-free glue according to the above method, and then use clamp, nails or screws and other tools to clamp the two sides of the adhesive or nail; to glue dry (about 24 hours) and then remove the clamp. Free nail glue in 20 minutes after bonding can still be moved to adjust the bonding position, bonding within 2-3 days after more stable, 7 days to reach the best results.
1, Nail free glue has not yet been solidified, the loose oil can be used to remove dry after the use of scraping or grinding in addition to residual stains exposed. The product can be used with the laying of the floor.
2, High temperature adhesion will be weakened (to avoid long-term bonding in the sunshine of the metal).
1, The product is a dangerous product, should be stored in a cool, dry place. Construction environment must be well ventilated, away from high temperature and fire source;
2, The product should be stored in children can not get to avoid contact with the eyes, not dumped into the sewer. If swallowed, should be immediately sent to hospital for emergency treatment, and produce the product container or label;
3, If the use of the process of dizziness and other adverse conditions, immediately to the outdoor fresh air or immediately seek medical attention.
4, If the product contact with the eye, rinse with water for 15 minutes, then immediately seek medical attention.
Storage period: 24 months
Note: The product volatile organic compounds (VOC) content: not more than 70g / L (ready to use)
Packaging: 330ml / PCS, 24PCS per CTN
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