Mildew Silicone Sealant

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Mildew Silicone Sealant
Posting date : Nov 19, 2016
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USD1.05 / PCS
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Payment Terms
300ML / PCS, 24PCS per CTN
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David Xie
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China [CN]
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300ML / PCS, 24PCS per CTN
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Detailed Description
1) Product Description:The product is one-component, neutral room temperature curing silicone mold sealant.
2) Basic Uses:Kitchen, bathroom and other occasions; all kinds of glass, aluminum doors and windows, steel doors and windows sealed sealing joints; general assembly and general purpose indoor sealing waterproof seal.
3) Construction Guide:Solvents such as toluene or acetone must be used to clean the interface and keep it dry. Sealant should be used to completely fill the joints during construction to ensure bonding on both sides. Tape the tape where it needs to be protected, but do not touch the tape to the surface to be applied. Trimming is performed immediately before the gel is uncured to achieve a beautiful appearance.
4) The use of restrictions:It can not be applied on wet surface. It is not suitable for all oil or leachate surface. It should not be used in dense or not. Ventilation of the construction site; substrate surface temperature is lower than 4 degree or more than 40 degree not construction.
5) Note:Sealant construction sites should pay special attention to maintaining a good ventilation environment; placed in children can not touch the place, so can not to eat; such as the eyes accidentally exposed to uncured adhesive should be promptly cleaned with a large number of water and the doctor for help.
6) Storage and transportation:1. Shelf life: keep the original sealed state stored in dry, ventilated, cool place, and the storage temperature does not exceed 27 degree, shelf life of 9 months.2. Transport: Non-dangerous goods.
7) Meet the standards: GB / T14683-2003
8) Packing: 300ML / PCS, 24PCS per CTN
9) Color: transparent, porcelain white, silver gray, black, other custom colors
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