High-Efficiency No Pollution Wallpaper Adhesive

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High-Efficiency No Pollution Wallpaper Adhesive
Posting date : Oct 31, 2016
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Using sticky rice as main raw material, this wallpaper glue also called sticky rice glue or natural plant glue. It's eco-friendly and won't cause any harm to your family health. The viscosity of our wallpaper glue is stronger than other general wallpaper glues. It's suitable for all kinds of wallpapers even some heavy wallpapers. Product Information:
Brand GBL
Model No. T-1
Material Plant Fiber
Weight 2kg
Shelf Life 12 months
Coverage 15-20 Square Meters
Usage Wallpaper Pasting
Feature Strong viscosity/Nature/Eco-friendly


1) Prepare the appropriate amount of water and containers according to operation parameter.
2) Remove the colloid and stir until the wire drawing state, activating the colloid.
3) For the first time against the water no more than 15%, continue to stir to wire drawing state.
4) The remaining water is divided into 2-3 times, each time must be sure to stir well.

Matters needing attention:

1. When you finish brushing the wallpaper primer, you can brush the wallpaper glue after being naturally air-dried (the interval time is 1-2 days generally).
2. Please use clean wet towel to wipe the surface of wallpaper if the glue overflow wallpaper. Please try to avoid glue overflowing wallpaper.
3. According to the water absorption of wall and the climatope during the construction, adding 1 liters of water per 2 kg of glue(The ratio of wallpaper glue and water is 2:1). Stir until no lumps can be construction, not too dilute.
4. You must not clutch the glue with hand in the process of stirring. Once you do it, the glue may lump in the process of stirring. So you need close five fingers together when you stir the glue.

About US:   

  Wuhan Boli Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest adhesive manufacturers in China, specializes in the research, manufacture and marketing of different kinds of adhesives, included: Renewable sponge glue, spray adhesive, wallpaper glue, wall paint and so on. OEM adhesive is available here. 
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