Door frame transfer film,WPC wall panel Heat transfer film

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Door frame transfer film,WPC wall panel Heat transfer film
Posting date : Oct 16, 2016
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Door frame transfer film,WPC wall panel Heat transfer film,Wood grain transfer foil,WPC transfer foil
Door frame is soft wall decorative lines to wrap wall,which is the frame, glass slide,edge and end cap parts for door board.The main materials for door frame are plastic steel,high polymer,wood plastic,MDF,wood,gypsum,magnesium alloy,marble etc.Wood plastic materials and plastic door frames are much more popular, which surface processing has a variety of ways like lamination, heat transfer and painting.Painted door frame is very beautiful and elegant but prices are relatively high,and painting materials have to be improved in environmental protection aspect, color is easy to fall off,and doesnot resistant to water soaking.Laminated door frame is mild in color and has appropriate reasonable price but if the film lamination is not qualified,the product surface will have bubbles and peeling problems.
Main characteristics for door frame transfer film products 1,it does not contain formaldehyde,or other harmful substances,with excellent environmental performance 2,transfer surface has lifelike texture,bright color,no color difference,close to nature 3,high adhesion,no falling off 4, solvent resistant, anti UV,anti ageing. 5,waterproof, moisture-proof,no bubble 6,high production efficiency,simple process, convenient operation 7,without seams or folds on material surface.
Door frame transfer film Normal specifications for photo frame transfer film,thickness,19-23microns, width can be produced according to order, length,500m/1000m per roll, color,wood grain, gold,silver, brushed,wood thorns, marble, white marble, antique and many other patterns,can also develop new color and patterns according to market demand.The door frame transfer film minimum quantity, 2000m.
Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd The main products are WPC wall panel Heat transfer film, Wood grain transfer foil, WPC transfer foil, floor transfer foil, skirting transfer foil, photoframe transfer foil, door frame transfer foil, wallboard transfer foil, MDF transfer foil, PVC panel transfer foil, transfer foil on the glass, marble foil. Marble transfer foil
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