Tear up invalid hologram label

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Tear up invalid hologram label
Posting date : Oct 10, 2016
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1).Anti-counterfeiting hologram sticker is used for anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-piracy.
2).there are two type,one is for one time use, once removed, the label will be broken,can not use any more .
3).Another kind of anti-counterfeiting hologram sticker is permanent,when removed, the label will not be destroyed. .Hologram was special designed which can not be copied by photo or scan so that helps to stop piracy.
4).3D Custom Hologram Sticker is shooted by laser beam in different angles which figure out different colors red, green, blue, yellow, etc, in difference viewing angles.
How hologram color been made?Holograms are shooted by laser beam in different angles which figure out different colors - red, green, blue, yellow, etc, in difference viewing angles. C olors of the hologram will change, because when rainbow hologram is turned back and forth depending on the light source and viewing angle, the colors will run through the spectrum - the colors of the rainbow.Different viewing depth of hologram comes from different position of the artwork film we locate when shooting master. Dot-matrix movement efffect comes from countinous hologram dots.
How does design show hologram color?
Holograms artwork design are basically an illusion; they are reflections of light that fool the eye into seeing a three-dimensional image. Therefore, it is impossible to give an accurate representation of a holographic image on a computer screen or paper printout. What you will receive via email or hardcopy is an artwork proof to look over to be sure that the graphics and layout are to your liking, free of typos, etc. The hologram master shooting process involves many detailed steps, so it is very important that all hologram artwork is approved before the project moves into the laser lab for hologram mastering.
How to make artwork for holographic sticker?
Holograms can be made from photos, flat art which is designed by Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop or other software.Artwork file in  Corel Draw or Illustrator format is best file for us to seperate overlay design into layers and colors.   Adobe Photoshop file, JPG, GIF, is ok, if you can not design by Corel Draw or Illustrator. The text in artwork file should be converted into curves, so we can open it without change font in it.
Q: Many clients ask me, the same product, WHY the prices are vary  widely from different supplier?
R: Regardless of the material and process on the quality,
today I will popularize you a little knowledge of labels printing.Label printing usually has two kinds:    
  Digital printing(DP)  &  Traditional printing(TP)
(1) DP process: Design- Review- Printing- finished     This is developed on the basis of printer, through the network direct to digital printing equipment.   Features:     a. No MOQ, 1pc can print.     b. Without plate making     c. Instant provision     d. Only can do simple printing, and the color not very nice.     e. Can’t do roll packing.
 (2) TP process: Design-Review- Film- Printing- Proofing- Testing- Drying plate- Printing- Finished   Offset lithography, Gravure and flex, Silk screen printing, letterpress printingFeatures:  a. TP including: Offset lithography, Gravure and flex, Silk screen printing, letterpress printing  b. High production efficiency and low wastage, most of the process can be finish on one machine.  c. The print image clear and beautiful, colorful and timeless.  d. The labels suitable for all the automatic and semi-automatic labeling machine as well as .
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