Gas flex hose - csst gas flex hose 50% heavier than competitors

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Gas flex hose - csst gas flex hose 50% heavier than competitors
Posting date : May 07, 2016
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50% heavier than competitors
China is a big manufacturing country, there are thousands of companies produce and sale gas flex hose. The current serious excess of Chinese domestic production capacity caused vicious competition in the market price, the result is fake, shoddy, copycatting. Many companies sell gas flex hose simply with 201 stainless steel instead of 304 stainless steel, and then sold to customers at a price of 304 stainless steel.
The competition of current gas flex hose market is not red sea, but mixed dead sea. The exhaust flex bellows are not sold as industrial parts, but by the weight of its stainless steel. It’s a real tragedy joke.
We insist to use the highest industry standard, to provide good quality gas flex hose with no adulterate. One of our apparent advantages is that, our gas flex hose is 50% heavier than competitors.
Safer cause of no circumferential welding
The two end connectors of gas flex hose are welded circularly from many other manufacturers, which is not in line with industry standards. As gas flex hose with brass nut installed can not be solution treated after the weld of connectors.
The industry standards require solution treatment of stainless steel after machining and welding. If not, there will be a lot of security risks, such as carbon molecules due to high temperature. Weld seam will produce segregation on the surface of stainless steel, it will not have a stable molecular structure of weld seam, easy to rust and corrosion.
We use a kind of neck shrink production process, and solution treated the entire . There is only One longitudinal weld seam of our gas flex hose.
Partial of our advantages:
1. 100% tested before delivery
2. OEM to American leading companies
3. 50% heavier than competitors
4. Export to more than 30 countries
5. Safer cause of no welding
6. Sweden forming machine            
Why American leading company choose us?
This is a big company of gas flex hose manufacturer from United States. Because of the increasingly fierce market competition, the customer decided to go to China and find a factory to cooperate to boost profits.
The purchasing team visited nearly 10 well-known plants, but no one can meet their requirements. As they require gas flex hose with closed pitch corrugated structure provides highly flexible and extensible connection.
When they attracted to come to our factory and saw our forming machine imported from west Europe, the team was shocked and said this it is what they need.
Later they learned more about our supply capacity and export history. Now this company is a regular customer here.

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