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electric detonator
Posting date : Jan 13, 2016
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Electric Detonator
1. Common electric detonator
Applicable scope: Used in no mashgas, no coal dust blasting workplace. It can reliably initiate various explosives. By designing the blasting network delay detonator can achieve directional, pinpoint blasting and micro differential blasting etc.. It is widely used in blasting projects of mining, tunnels digging, roads building, bridges and water conversancy works constructing etc..
2. Permissible electric detonator
Applicable scope: Mainly applied in blasting workplaces with explosion risk of mashgas, coal dust and other combustible mineral dust. Millisecond series can achieve micro differential blasting, effectively reduce seismic wave effect, decrease secondary crushing quantity, and improve blasting efficiency. It also can be used for various blasting projects of mining, tunnels digging, roads building, bridges and water conversancy works constructing etc..
  1. Technical Index
        Specification: Industrial No.8
        Shell outer diameter: Φ6.9mm
        Shell length:50~70mm
        Leg wire: Galvanized steel, copper, copper clad steel
        Leg wire length: 2m~50m
        Igniter element: Elastic fuse head, rigid fuse head
        Variety: Common electric detonator, permissible electric detonator
  1. Performance
  •                      steel core Leg-wire ≤6.3Ω, with vibration ≤2.0Ω
Safety current
Charging with 0.2A constant direct current for 5mins, no explosion
Minimum firing current
Firing impulse
Series firing current
20 pieces electric detonators are connected into series circuit, and charge with 1.2A electric current, and all detonators fire.
Initiating Power
Have a lead plate test, piercing into 5mm lead plate, the hole diameter should no smaller than the out-diameter of the detonator
Force on 19.6N static tension for 1 min, no damage to sealing plug and leg-wire.
Anti-jolt property
Vibrate for 10min on the jolt machine, no explosion, structure damage, short circuit, open circuit and unstable performance occurs.
Anti static
Legwire to shell discharge with 8kv voltage, 2000pf capacitance and 0Ω series resistor, no firing.
Combustible gas safety degree
When initiating a permissible electric detonator in the combustible gas of 9%, the combustible gas should not be ignited.
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