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Welding Flux
Posting date : Aug 11, 2017
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1. Cu (Bronze) welding flux
Model Number:
Description and advantage
QJ301 is a kind of based on copper welding of brazing solvent. It is the ideal temperature welding solvent. .This solvent uniform particles is minimal, the color is white. 
Detailed description
In the 850°C ---1150°C, it used copper and copper alloy when welding for oxyacetylene or embedded in flux. It also available for brazing steel and stainless steel help solvent.
Its status is creamy, and the density is1.9---2.1. Main ingredients are boric aid, borax and phosphate.
2. Silver Solder Paste
Model Number:
Description and advantage
QJ102 silver solvent is China's latest developed a new type of paste, and its liquidity and permeability are stronger than others. 
Can stable effect and convenient to use, long-term storage not agglomeration and precipitation. Technology is better than the powder solder and can fully replace the same products abroad.
Detailed description
Cooperate with silver base material 550°C -- 850 °C  brazing copper and copper alloy stainless steel and so on many kinds of materials. It is suitable for the flame, resistance and many other kinds of brazing .
Main ingredients :KF,KBF4,B2O3,composite fluorine borates, composite borates, activator and so on. Excluding banned substances
3. Aluminum Welding Powder
Model Number:
Description and advantage
QJ201 in domestic enterprise production welding plays a dominant position, the temperature range, the liquidity significantly better than QJ401, but the price is a little bit higher. And in the domestic maintenance market and in the Middle East or in Africa, the 401 is widely used,
Detailed description
QJ201 uniform particles for subtle, melting point about 420 °C, applicable to 450 °C ~ 620 °C active temperature range flame brazing aluminum and its alloy. Main ingredients are alkali metal, alkaline earths, fluoride and activator.
QJ401 Aluminum brazing solvent melting point about 550°C, suitable for roughly 550 °C ~ 620 °C activity temperature range flame brazing aluminum and its alloy.
Its performance in high temperature more superior in aluminum soldering QJ201.

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