How does the peanut picker sell for life?

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How does the peanut picker sell for life?
Posting date : Jan 08, 2019
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Some users are not very familiar with the maintenance of the equipment after purchasing the peanut picker. Some people just throw it aside after use, which leads to the discovery of the production efficiency of the device when it is used again next time. Falling, why is this? Today, the manufacturer of the Peanut Picker Machine for sale Aike to introduce how to extend the service life of the peanut picker.
 1. The soil of each part of the picker parts must be cleaned in time. The fertilizer and seeds of the seed box should be cleaned up in time, especially pay attention to the fertilizer box. You can wash it with clean water and then dry it, then apply the anti-corrosion paint to the fertilizer box.
 2. Inspect the parts of the picker in time for damage or wear. If necessary, replace or repair it. Paint the place where the paint is removed.
 3. After using the picker accessories, if you use the disc opener, you must remove the opener. After removing it, use diesel or gasoline to clean the outer disc and the outer cone, then apply butter. Install the disc opener. If there is deformation, level it in time. If the spot of the disc is relatively large, we can adjust the inner and outer vertebral bodies of the adjusting pad.

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