sell humic acid and sodium humate

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sell humic acid and sodium humate
Posting date : Jul 30, 2014
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Dear sir or madam, I’d like to introduce a new kind of fertilizer to you---- POTASSIUM HUMATE. Potassium Humate can improve the potassium content in soil and accelerate releasing of potassium that’ trapped in insoluble matters. Improving the utilization of fertilisers, it, combining with such elements as N, P and K, constitutes highly-efficient multi-function compound fertilisers. arnoken.elo (AT) gmail (dot) com We are a huamte manufacturer located in China.Our main product is Ammonium Humate,Potassium Humate, Magnesium Humate, Sodium Humate, Fulvic acid,Nitro-humic acid. If you interested in it ,pls let me know ,I will give you a best price. Best Regards, Elo Web: Email: arnoken.elo@gmail. com Elo@ arnoken. com Tel: 0086 22 58999505 Fax: 0086 22 58999506 Meantime we are chemical exporter located in China.the following is our product list , if you interested in any product , please let me know, I will give you a best price. Ammonium Humate Fulvic acid Humic acid Magnesium Humate Nitro-humic acid. Potassium Humate Sodium Humate Ammonium Bicarbonate Aluminium sulfate Acrylamide Ammonium Chloride Benzoic Acid Caustic Soda Formic acid Hydrogen peroxide Magnesium Nitrate Melamine Oxalic acid Phosphric Acid Potassium Nitrate Soda ash Sodium bicarbonate Sodium Formate Sodium benzoate Sulfuric Acid Saccharin Sodium Sodium Hypophosphite Magnesium Nitrate PVC Humic acid Sodium humate arnoken.elo (AT) gmail (dot) com
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