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we are the China&India Joint Venture Trading company, Now my indian company are buying the following items: 1)56.6 KBPS Internal PCTEL / Motorola Modems 50,000 pieces 2)TV Tuner Cards with remote 10,000 pieces 3)TV Tuner Cards without Remote10,000 pieces 4)Scroll Mouse25,000 pieces 5)Optical Mouse10,000 pieces 6)Cordless Mouse 10,000 pieces 7)1.44 MB FDD5,000 pieces 8)1.44 MB Floppy Disk100,000 pieces 9)Blank CD 48 X100,000 pieces 10)Blank CDRW 48 X (re writ able CD)100,000 pieces 11)128 MB SDRAM 133 MHZ5,000 pieces 12)Front Wheel Bearings of 6007 / 6205 / 6204100,000 pieces Please manufacturer contact me directly.with your best rock bottom prices.In your quotation please showing the specifiacations of products.

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