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No.890,Nanyuan road Jiangsu Yangzhou China [CN]
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Yangzhou Tianfeng aloft construction anticorrosion & maintenance service Co., LTD, originally named Yangzhou flight aloft construction Co., Ltd. It is a professional aloft work enterprise approved in china. It contracts high construction, installation, high altitude aloft anticorrosive, chimney anti-corrosion, steel structure anticorrosion, maintenance aloft, chimney repair, chimney desulfurization, demolition of the chimneys, reinforce of the chimney, new construction of chimney, high washing, waterproof and leak stopping etc aloft work project. Yangzhou tianfeng construction aloft anticorrosion & maintenance service Co., LTD is a domestic famous company specialized in high construction, installation, steel anticorrosion, outdoor coating, waterproof, light steel structure fabrication and installation. The development of the company is a large scale, from the development of construction to performance throughout China. It has been appraised as "good prestige enterprise” for many years. In 2007, it was appraised as “company exempted from examination” by Jiangsu administration for industry and commerce.
After years of hard work, it has become a company with good leadership, strong technical force, advanced management, construction team and abundant resources. Corporation reputation and science & technology of the company are taking the leading position in the same industry in china.
Now, the company has branch in Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Yancheng. It has departments including cooling tower engineering department, anticorrosion engineering department and leak stopping engineering department. Home office is consisting of general party branch, union, office, quality safety department, construction technical department, equipment department and financial department. It has 46 professionals including 19 senior engineers, economist and accountant. It also has 22 project managers including 5 senior engineers. Value of construction output is 10 million RMB in one year.
In resent years, the company has been awarded the “sincerity enterprise”, the “AAA” credit enterprise, the advanced construction enterprise. It was also named the civilized enterprise by the government in 2006. The company has made 184 superior quality projects. The representative projects include: shanghai electric power system gas welded steel pipe first class project, xuanhua steel company equipment, pipeline anticorrosion, installation and heat insulation project, Shandong Laiwu power plant 1#、2#、3#、4#、5# cooling tower anticorrosion project, Sinopec group YPC sewage pool anticorrosion project, Anqing petro-chemical factory oil refining tank anticorrosion project, Zhejiang jiaxing power plant, Fujian zhangzhou power plant flue gas desulfurization anticorrosion project which launched by SGL ACOTEC. Owing to our advanced process and superior quality, these projects all be rated the “typical project” and “high quality project”, and our company was thought highly of the owners.
“Without scaffold, uninterrupted construction, aloft working” etc advanced technique is exerted by our company. We undertake:
1. Chimney project: new construction of chimney, chimney maintenance, chimney desulfurization, chimney color wash, chimney reinforce, chimney heighten, chimney anticorrosion, chimney demolishment, repair chimney, build chimney, etc.
2. Working aloft project: working aloft, upper construction, high altitude maintenance, high altitude installation, high altitude anticorrosion, high altitude cleaning, high altitude beautification, high altitude ornament, etc.
3. Installation project: high altitude installation, chimney installation, lightning rod installation, tower light installation, iron tower installation, launching tower installation, chimney platform installation, chimney ladder installation, stainless steel chimney installation.
4. High altitude beautification project: high altitude ornament, chimney navigation mark, brush navigation mark on chimney, coating air marking, mansion cleaning, outer wall cleaning, coating navigation mark color wheel, outer wall painting execution, painting color wheel on chimney, high altitude beautification, chimney ornament, high altitude cleaning.
5. Anticorrosion project: anticorrosion, anticorrosion construction, anticorrosion project, pipeline anticorrosion, storage tank anticorrosion, blast furnace frame anticorrosion, iron tower anticorrosion, power plant anticorrosion, steel roof truss anticorrosion, cooling tower anticorrosion, metal anticorrosion, anticorrosion and heat insulation.
6. High altitude construction project: chimney sliding form, cooling tower sliding form, sliding form construction, rolling over, sliding form project, slip form, move form, mould, concrete chimney sliding form, bridge slip form, silo slip form, reinforced concrete sliding form.
7. Leak stopping project:: waterproof leak stopping, blocking leakage with pressure, stopping leakage under high pressure, tunnel plugging, pipeline plugging, cable channel plugging, basement plugging, cooling tower plugging, water cooling tower plugging, cable tunnel plugging.
Construction feature: without scaffolding, uninterrupted, working by suspension cable, economy, low consumption, high efficiency and superior quality.
We will to serve all owners depend on our first class technique, first class management, first class equipment, first class and favorable products and first class service.

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